1st September | 2019

9AM, Margam Country Park.


Questions And Answers

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any queries or wish to discuss the Five Valleys Gran Fondo event. To answer the most commonly asked questions we have compiled and posted a questions and answers list, displayed below. We hope you find this helpful…

Is the event marshalled?

Yes , all marshalls (M) are shown on the map. Please see the Route Information page.

Is the event timed?

Yes, we will be using electronic tagging.

How much does it cost to enter?

The prices for the event can be found on the Tariffs & Fundraising page.

How much do you have to raise?

Minimum sponsorship is £25, but we encourage you to raise as much as you can. Cyclists who raise the most in sponsorship will receive prizes.

Can I ride in a group of my choosing?


If I enter the long ride and find that at the turn off point I can’t complete it can I finish on the short ride?

Yes, likewise if you enter the short ride and want to complete the long ride you can also do that.

Will there be any feeding stations?

Yes there will be one feeding station and the turn off point and an additional water station on the long route, see map for details.

Will there be any mechanical breakdown support?

Yes, two wagons – one on the short route and one on the long route, both wagons will be available to everyone up to the turn off point .

Will there be any medical support?


Will there be any refreshments at the finish of the ride?


When will I be able to have my finish time?

Electronic timing is being used so results will be available at the finish.

Will there be a list of accommodation available?

Yes – see adverts on the Accommodation Page