1st September | 2019

9AM, Margam Country Park.


Our Aims & Goals

Prostate Cymru is raising money for 4 broad aims;

1. Raising ‘prostate cancer awareness’ in Wales…

  • We provide well man / prostate awareness talks to individual clubs – e.g. Rotary, Lions and Round Table.
  • Prostate Cancer awareness talks to industry in Wales – some of the companies include – GE Aviation, Trostre Steel Works, BA interiors, BA servicing, Vale of Glamorgan CounCil.
  • National campaigns on prostate cancer awareness – i) 2007 What’s your PSA ? and our current campaign with the Welsh Rugby Union – “The best defence is – to know the facts”.

2. Funding the training of key medical staff…

To fund training of doctors and nurses involved in performing the new technique of Da Vinci robotic prostate surgery.

The Welsh Assembly has promised over £8 million of funding to establish Robotic surgery in Wales for the treatment of early prostate cancer. Prostate Cymru will help finance the training and mentorship required to train surgeons and nurse in Wales to establish this new service.

3. ‘State of the art’ investigations and therapies…

To establish and maintain new ‘state of the art’ investigations or therapies for welsh men with benign prostate disease or prostate cancer.

There are always new developments in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. PC has financed the establishment of template perineal biopsy of the prostate in Wales and will continue to support its development in the future.

PC supports the minimally invasive green light laser technique to treat men with symptoms of benign prostate disease at Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend.

4. Funding and supporting research…

To fund research into benign prostate disease and prostate cancer in welsh men.

We aim to fund local audits or research into prostate disease that will benefit welsh men.