1st September | 2019

9AM, Margam Country Park.


How To Take On The Five Valleys Sportive...

As The Five Valleys Sportive is looming, here are some guidelines and useful tips on how to train, as well as what to expect on the big day!

Memorise the course
Make sure you are familiar with the course beforehand. Sometimes it is not practical to do this in person. Therefore, we have provided a route map shown on our website that you are able to download before the big event. Or you can use the app Komoot, which will provide the GPS map for the short and long route.


Train for the challenge ahead
It is said as a rule of thumb, you should be able to ride two-thirds of your event distance in training. So keep training and make sure that you are able to cover that distance prior to the event. You should also remember that the buzz of the day and other friendly riders will get you over the finish line!

Practice ride your bike
It is best to check your bike a week before the event as this will give you enough time to fix any issues you have in advance. Don’t let poor preparation and a potential worn tire ruin your experience on the big day.

Prepare your kit in advance
Make sure you put together a checklist of everything you need before the big day, do not wait till the last minute as you may forget a few essential things.
Firstly, you will need your kit and what to wear may differ depending on the weather. Therefore, always bring a spare layers just in case some expected weather comes your way, which is always the case with the welsh weather!

Other essential things are:
• Shoes
• Helmet
• Bottles and bottle cages
• Food- there will be a feeding station and an additional water station on the long route, as well as refreshments at the finish line. However be safe and take some extra food and energy products with you just in case the hunger strikes.
• Spare inner tubes
• Tyre levers
• Pump
• Mobile phone
• Bike- It is always best to check your bike before to make sure it is in good working order, check your brake pads, make sure your gears are running smoothly and your tyres are not worn out.

Fuel Up
It is best to fuel up on carbohydrates 12 to 36 hours before the event and at least four hours before you go to sleep to keep up glycogen levels. To do this, it is best to eat high carbohydrate options such as sweet potatoes, pasta or rice.

Talk to fellow riders
Don’t be put off if you have nobody to ride with. If you have not signed up for an event with friends or club mates, there will be friendly riders that will acknowledge you when passing where you will be able have a nice chat. Riding with people is the best way to keep motivation levels up and to pass the time.

Remember to enjoy yourself
Try to not get caught up in the excitement of the day and start too fast. There are always a few who go off in a hurry but you should stick to the same pacing as you have used in training. Remember it’s not a race, do not put any pressure on yourself and just enjoy your ride through the Welsh Valleys!

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